Income Tax

In India, taxes on income is governed by the Income Tax Act, 1961 which covers within its ambit various provisions , rules and regulations for determination of taxable income, payment of taxes, filing of returns, assessment of income etc. Correct determination and timely payment of Income Tax and subsequent filing of Income Tax Returns is very essential in order to avoid interest and penalties.

At VenturEasy, we provide you with personalised tax consultancy services. We devote time to understand your needs and requirements to find best possible solutions based upon our experience and domain knowledge. Our tax consultancy services extend for Residents as well as Non-Residents including Foreign Companies.

In today’s dynamic business environment, it becomes very difficult to run the business and simultaneously comply with the Income Tax regulations in respect of Advances payment of taxes, TDS payments and Return, Income Tax Return filing, replying to the queries by the department during assessment proceedings etc.

VenturEasy relieves you from tedious schedules by taking charge of the compliances completely and making your business hassle free.

Income Tax Services

VenturEasy experts provide individualized services ranging from Income Tax planning, Return filing, resolving Tax queries, dealing with the Income Tax department for obtaining Tax refunds and assisting in any other hardship which you might face in the course of tax proceedings.

Income Tax Return Filing

Every company, LLP, Partnership Firm irrespective of its income has to file income tax return. Correct and timely filing of Income tax return is important to avoid interest and penalties by the Income Tax department. Also Income Tax Returns filing is essential to upgrade your credibility in the market.

Avoid delay, you may be losing out on something:

  • Filing Income Tax Returns always helps you access many Financial Benefits such as availing bank Credits
  • Most countries rely on your income tax returns to know whether you are financially sound before they issue you a visa
  • You will have to pay interest and heavy penalties if you don’t file on time
  • You don’t get benefit of carry forward losses if you don’t file on time

Ventureasy can make it convenient for you by preparing, reviewing and submitting your return promptly.

Details & Documents

1 working day

Get in touch with our expert and you will be briefed about all the details and documents required for filling the return. Our expert will collect all the documents and ensure free communication with you for any further query.

Return Preparation

2-3 working days

We shall prepare the return based on the information provided by you and send you the same for approval at your end.

Return Filing

1-2 working days

Once the return is approved and verified, we shall file the same with the department and provide you with the acknowledgement or the receipt for your records. The journey does not end here! Our professionals shall be in touch with you for any further assistance.

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