DIR-3 KYC Form to Update DIN / KYC of Directors

Every Director who has been allotted DIN on or before the end of the financial year, and whose DIN status is ‘Approved’, would be mandatorily required to file form DIR-3 KYC before 30th April of the immediately next financial year.

  • The eForm should be certified by a practicing Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary or Cost and Management Accountant.
  • Subsequently, submission of KYC details through Form DIR-3 KYC would be annual process to be completed by the director within 30th April of immediately next Financial Year.

Documents Required:

  • Name (as per PAN database)
  • Father’s Name (as per PAN database)
  • PAN of the Director (mandatory for citizens of India)
  • Date of Birth (DoB)” (as per PAN database)
  • Personal Mobile number and Personal Email Address
  • Proof of Present Address such as Bank Statement or any Utility Bill in the name of the director with the correct address, not more than 2 months old.
  • Aadhaar is mandatory, if it is assigned. If not, then Voter ID or Passport or Driving Licence shall be attached.
  • Digital Signature of Director (Rs 800 will be requested if DSC is not available or DSC has expired)

Consequences of Non-filing

Deactivation of DIN: Non-filing of DIR-3 KYC within the prescribed timeline, would result in Deactivation of the DIN by the Ministry. The same will be re-activated only on payment of specified fee. The deactivated DIN’s can be reactivated after the Due Date on payment of a penalty of Rs 5000.

Other penal Action: Failure to file DIR-3 KYC form within the prescribed timelines might also lead to enforcement of penal action against Directors.
Please note that the Penal Action would be enforced irrespective of the fact that DIN is reactivated after payment of specified fee.

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