How to start a US company from India

The United States is still one of the biggest markets as well as an investor’s heaven, for any business. A product becomes more appealing to the people when it has a US branding on it. Great companies can be built anywhere, selling apps and products to customers living anywhere. Incorporating enhances your credibility as a company. Building base in the US is a mammoth task. This article will give you the basics of starting a US company from India. Continue reading “How to start a US company from India”

Valuation of a Company – Discounted Cash Flow Method

How to derive valuation of your company or startup after detailed analysis and projections? How do investors determine which stock to put their money on?

When it comes to determining the absolute value of a company, discounted cash flow (DCF) gives you the answer. In simple terms, DCF tries to work out the present-day value of a company, based on future projections of cash available to the investors. Continue reading “Valuation of a Company – Discounted Cash Flow Method”

What startups can learn from Patanjali: an FMCG empire

An FMCG empire which was nowhere in the radar of powerpoint analysis by big companies even few years ago. Today, the man and the brand are a phenomenon to reckon with.

The brand in question is Patanjali whose products are found everywhere today – be it in local medicine shops or on the sites of e-commerce biggies like Amazon. Best-quality products, competitive prices, and a distribution chain that rivals some of the best industry players are only few of the feathers in this Yoga guru’s cap. All this with an unassuming aura that only Baba Ramdev can possess. Continue reading “What startups can learn from Patanjali: an FMCG empire”