Incorporation of Wholly Owned Subsidiary in India | Foreign Company Registration in India

India is among the fastest growing economies of the world with plenty of business opportunities which make it a preferred destination for investment form NRIs, Foreign Nationals and Foreign Companies. There are many ways by which foreign investment can be done in India. One of the most successful and sought after ways is Incorporation of Wholly Owned Subsidiary Company in India.

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Company Registration for NRIs and Foreign Nationals in India

Private Limited Company Registration is considered to be the most ideal for NRIs, foreign nationals and for foreign entities who want to set up business in India.

According to FEMA guidelines, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is not allowed in other types of businesses like Proprietorship, Partnership Firm and One Person Company. Though investment in LLP’s is allowed, but it requires prior approval of the RBI. Continue reading “Company Registration for NRIs and Foreign Nationals in India”

Foreign Subsidiary Company Incorporation in India

Foreign Companies are looking at setting up an office/ cost centers in India with the intention of hiring talent and exploring business opportunities. The most common and preferred method to set up operations in India is to incorporate a company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the foreign entity.

The India entity would be incorporated as a “Private Limited Company”, the details of which are elaborated in this article.

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Is your startup compliant?

Is your startup compliant?

Whether you are a giant corporation or a startup, to be successful, it is important to analyse if you are compliant and are following certain laid-down protocols. It’s imperative to keep a close eye on the laws in the city or state you operate in, failing which you are likely to overlook compliance responsibilities and face damaging penalties and lawsuits that could severely impede the progress of your business entity. Continue reading “Is your startup compliant?”