What startups can learn from Patanjali: an FMCG empire

An FMCG empire which was nowhere in the radar of powerpoint analysis by big companies even few years ago. Today, the man and the brand are a phenomenon to reckon with.

The brand in question is Patanjali whose products are found everywhere today – be it in local medicine shops or on the sites of e-commerce biggies like Amazon. Best-quality products, competitive prices, and a distribution chain that rivals some of the best industry players are only few of the feathers in this Yoga guru’s cap. All this with an unassuming aura that only Baba Ramdev can possess. Continue reading “What startups can learn from Patanjali: an FMCG empire”

VAT and CST on Ecommerce Business in India

There are different forms of e-Commerce. Many businesses such as Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal have their e-Commerce activities in India. Most of these are consumer oriented but follow different business models. All transactions are however subject to certain taxes irrespective of the business model they follow. Continue reading “VAT and CST on Ecommerce Business in India”

Is your startup compliant?

Is your startup compliant?

Whether you are a giant corporation or a startup, to be successful, it is important to analyse if you are compliant and are following certain laid-down protocols. It’s imperative to keep a close eye on the laws in the city or state you operate in, failing which you are likely to overlook compliance responsibilities and face damaging penalties and lawsuits that could severely impede the progress of your business entity. Continue reading “Is your startup compliant?”

The importance of a Website Privacy Policy

With the development of technology and e-commerce, the related problems are also on the rise. While websites are growing more interactive and user-friendly, the need for a privacy policy in place that ensures the data security is also becoming essential. Continue reading “The importance of a Website Privacy Policy”

Protecting your Brand: Trademark Basics for Startups

When you are a startup, there many things to consider such as competition, financing, resources and pricing. However, registering your trademark can remove one such big worry from your mind. Continue reading “Protecting your Brand: Trademark Basics for Startups”