June 3, 2016

Basic difference between trademark, copyright and patent

Intellectual property is a vast and complex term. Many a time people are confused or have incorrectly used the terms used in intellectual property law. They have spoken of “copyrighting” an idea or even “patenting” a book! To understand these terms, it is essential to know what is Intellectual Property […]
May 25, 2016

Understanding Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP)

In the recent era, companies are adopting many employee-friendly policies in order to retain good employees who up the ante when it comes to company performance and growth. From providing extended maternity leave and women-friendly policies to adopting flexi timings, corporate organizations are leaving no stone unturned to be the […]
April 1, 2016

The importance of a Website Privacy Policy

With the development of technology and e-commerce, the related problems are also on the rise. While websites are growing more interactive and user-friendly, the need for a privacy policy in place that ensures the data security is also becoming essential. Web users have the right to know that the personal […]